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...and from the empire of the Birds came hope and direction for growth of a universe....Book of White Raven 7:01
This page is reserved for Allied Squads to the Birds of Prey, and sites with information on downloads, tools, and other squads within the Starsiege universe. The Birds of Prey accept no liability for the content or validity of the sites. While there are no spaming sites or pornographic sites, some site themes may be questionable of their content. All of the sites are associated with a gaming theme and that the views of some of the other sites are NOT the views of the Birds of Prey. Just remember the themes of some squads are designed to incite fear to their enemies and should be viewed as ficticious. If you have comments or suggestions contact the webmaster at BoPWhiteRaven@aol.com. In the subject line type webmaster- re:site This may be used for information you would like to have posted on my site.

TITAN EMPIRE [TE]LONG TIME FRIEND AND ALLY, EMPEROR MURPHY, INVITES YOU TO CHECK OUT THE TITAN EMPIRE WEB SITE. Titan Empire [TE] is made up with several squads with the same goal. To play the game the right way. Tactics, squad battles and training, with no whining or head games, much like that of the Birds of Prey.

MEN IN BLACK MIB An elite squad, Men in Black, are a reputable and respected squad in the Starsiege community. Visit their web site for squad information and downloads including maps and skins.

ALPHA BLUETHE PREMIER GUILD FOR MODDING AND SCRIPTING. VISIT THE WEBSITE FOR DOWNLOADS AND INFORMATION ON MODS, SCRIPTING, AND MISSION EDITING. While Birds of Prey do not use mods in public servers, they are fun to mess with on your own server. Just remember battling people with mods will leave you fair game to the person with a better mod. Using mods to an unfair advantage can lead to an entire squad raiding you and using your own mod against you. Don't ever think that you are the only one with this mod 'cause chances are...YOUR'E NOT .

Those Mighty in ValorVisit the THOSE MIGHTY IN VALOR squad site. A squad dedicated to the higher power in multi player gaming. Expect nothing other than a total enlightening TIBERIAN SUN gaming experience. Squad information and contact can be found on the home page.

Rat Pack Squadron Rat Pack Squadron, long time friends of the Birds of Prey,is made up of adult players 30 members strong formed out of members and leaders from 7 old and existing ss squads.

Top GunTop Gun, one of the many respected squads in Starsiege, invites you to check out their website. Those interested in joining, will find information on the squad there, as well as downloads and roster.

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